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BOTOX® is a safe and effective method of erasing the marks of aging from your face. The cost of treatment depends on the number of injectables your condition requires. Factors like the severity of your wrinkles and lines can influence the procedure. These treatments are excellent solutions for tiny lines and deep wrinkles.


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When you arrive to our office, your appointment begins by filling required paperwork and consent forms. Afterwards, Dr. Pribil and the team of cosmetic specialists will review your your medical history/contraindications and advise you on whether Botox is the right product to target your concerns. Once it is agreed you are a good canidate, you will dicuss the amount to be used and the price it will be. The team will take photos of the areas to be treated, and Dr. Pribil will disinfect the area and administer BOTOX® accurately and gently to ensure the best possible results. Full results will be visible 2 weeks post injections.

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Some people see their Botox results in just a few days. Other people see their full Botox results at the two-week point.

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