Alma Hybrid Laser

Alma Hybrid Laser


What is the Alma Hybrid Laser Treatment?

The Alma Hybrid™ laser utilizes three powerful technologies for maximum rejuvenation results:

CO2 laser – optimal combo of ablative, coagulative, and thermal laser technology for precise focus and fractional therapy.

1570nm laser – intense non-ablative laser which generates a thermal effect, encouraging new dermal synthesis, while leaving the epidermis uninjured, minimizing downtime in the process.

IMPACT – for Trans Epidermal Delivery (TED), this patented ultrasound technology generates an acoustic pressure that allows the delivery of cosmeceutical products to the skin through the micro-channels, which have been generated by the CO2 laser in Alma Hybrid™.

On top of these powerful technologies, our med spa experts can create a bespoke treatment regimen depending on the patient's skin type.

Treatments are very effective because both laser wavelengths have their own optimal effect on the skin, side by side, suitable even for darker skin types and with a low ablation density that minimizes downtime.

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